Horseshoe Beach Store, Gift Shop and Gas Dock

Our Convenience Store

Our store has everything you need for a day on the water, from snacks to sunscreen and fishing supplies. We also carry a good selection of boat hardware, replacement parts, and boating accessories.

Do you feel lucky today? You can even buy lottery lottery tickets here.

Gas Dock

We offer a full service gas dock with friendly attendants to help tie up your boat and pump your gas. We only sell non-ethanol gas. While your boat is being serviced, come into our store and enjoy a cold drink or ice cream!

Ace Hardware Department

We carry a large selection of Ace Hardware products, as well as many hard-to-find items for your home and business needs.

Are you a boater and need spare parts? Have you arrived in Horseshoe Beach and found out you are missing the boat drain plug? We offer a wide variety of spare parts and accessories to repair and maintain your boat.

“Ace Is The Place With the Helpful Hardware Folks.”

If we do not carry the specific Ace Hardware item you are looking for, you can place your order at The Marina and pick it up at your convenience.

UPF Shirts by Bimini Bay Outfitters®

Sun protective clothing allows you to fully enjoy the time you spend outside. If you are spending a nice sunny vacation in Horseshoe Beach or you just came out for a day of fishing or kayaking, we sell UPF shirts that can protect your skin from the damaging UV light.

What is UPF and What Does the UPF Rating Mean?

Similar to SPF (Sun Protective Factor), the rating system used for sunscreen products, the UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor is the rating system used in apparel.

When you shop, look for a higher UPF rating number in order to get better sun protection. The following chart will help you and your family make the best decision to protect your skin.

UPF RatingProtection Catetory% UV Radiation Blocked
UPF 15 – 24Good93.3 – 95.9
UPF 25 – 39Very Good96.0 – 97.4
UPF 40 – 50+Excellent97.5 – 98+

Breakfast Food Items at The Marina Store

We stock our fridges with everything you’d need to make a yummy breakfast. We have milk, eggs, butter, bread, cheese, bacon, coffee and more.

We also carry Jimmy Dean® breakfast sandwiches.

The Marina

The gateway for your next adventure

A full-service marina with a number of convenient options for your boat or your next Horseshoe Beach vacation experience. Call us at (352) 498-5405.

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